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Houston Wedding Videographer

It's not every day that you have the ability to create something great. We only have the opportunity to do so many things in this life, and we have chosen to do this, so why not make it great?


What can you expect from Cinematic Saviors Wedding Videography? Diversity, flexibility, fairness, and dedication to quality. We strive to bring services that never limit you on your big day, but rather bring you all the essentials, plus a little extra if you want them! Below, you can see some of the services that help us stand out!

10-15 Minute cinematic wedding film

Our most popular product, the Cinematic Saviors Wedding Film will take your big day and transform it into a cinematic event that will tug at your heart strings, bring tears to your eyes, and give you those wedding day goosebumps all over again. We love what we do, and our passion shines through in our wedding films, where we make you the stars of your own story on the silver screen.


Combining a fervent understanding of modern and classical music, as well as a diverse range of musical genres, we use the overall vibe and emotional expression from your big day to select powerful, moving musical selections for your wedding film. Have a special song request? No worries, we are always more than happy to try and accommodate any song selection you would prefer to arrive in your final product!

Editing with care.

Using state of the art editing software, and over a decade of experience, Cinematic Saviors brings the care and expertise you need to receive your high-quality product in an efficient and professional matter. There's not a second of footage that we don't carefully select to become the piece of memory that commemorates your big day, and every clip is carefully edited and color corrected to perfection.

Essential Hours and Unlimited Hours

Your wedding day does not start and stop at our convenience. It doesn't begin when we arrive, and it doesn't end when we leave. Your big day begins the moment you open your eyes in the morning and realize that today is the first day of the rest of your life. It's our goal to bring you not an hourly limit, but rather a flexible filming schedule that puts you in the driver's seat of when your creative video specialists arrive. 

Essential Hours: 

Every wedding is different, and every venue has different start/stop times for preparation. It's our goal with our Essential Hours services to provide you with the necessities of your wedding day, rather than the hourly cap of 5 or 6 hours. We won't miss a beat, and your video won't suffer from our lack of presence on your wedding day!

Unlimited Hours:

Most complimentary with our Raw Footage Service, when you select unlimited hours with Cinematic Saviors, we arrive whenever you want us to, no matter hour early, and we don't depart your wedding until it's complete! Truly limitless services for your limitless love!

30 day Editing, 7 day editing, and next day editing

Time is so very precious. It's the binding force of all life in the universe, and it's so easy to let it slip between our fingers as we get caught up with our day to day lives. We live and breathe in time, and that's why we give you the option to expedite your editing process from our standard, industry leading editing time of 30 days, down to 7 Days (1 Week) or even Next Day Editing. 

30 Day Editing:

Our standard option, Receive your edited wedding film in 30 days following your wedding day!

7 Day editing:

Our most popular option, with 7 day editing, you will receive your edited wedding film in only 7 days following your wedding day! 

next day editing:

Want to watch your wedding video before you leave for your honeymoon? With the Cinematic Saviors Next Day Editing option, you can have your edited wedding film delivered the day after your wedding!

raw footage

We do our very best to provide you with an edited final product that truly envisions you big day in its entirety, however sometimes thee are moments that don't make the final cut. With our raw footage option, you can receive not only the edited video, but all of the raw footage that we capture throughout the entirety, including all of the prep footage, and that hilarious video of your crazy uncle dancing to the wobble!

1 or 2 videographers

There are certain wedding scenarios whee only 1 videographer is needed, and others where 2 videographers are a basic necessity. We are more than happy to provide either of these options for your big day, and you can consult with one of our creative media specialists to decide which option will be best for your wedding!